Advanced Logistics and Training

Red Stripe™ Logistics is a Global Company specializing in world class personnel and equipment deployment, truck fleet maintenance, logistics, and military training programs, catering to the varied needs of overseas customers. We've been primarily serving the Army, and provide training and comprehensive logistical support in high-threat environments.

Defensive driving, maintenance of trucks, and global rapid response are integral elements of high risk military operations. We provide the hardcore training needed for troops and equipment to perform at their highest level, considering the harsh realities of the ground conditions. Our cadre boasts military background and experience, and our clients also include foreign allied governments and their military organizations.

For logistical support in armored vehicles and Class 1-2 truck platforms up to Class 8 truck fleets, and maintenance and training in high stress situations, we are more than equipped to handle the challenges that can be thrown at us.

We can provide immediate solutions on a global scale in just 24 hours. Wherever in the world your mission may be, we can provide you with trucks and other equipment, and experts in communications, management, operations and logistics to support our emergency response mission. We have a great deal of experience in equipment maintenance and combat, which helps our team to be efficient in its performance. With our emergency responses the criticality of the situation can be diffused, ensuring the greater success of your mission.

Let's say you have a high-threat situation to deal with such as war, terrorist crackdown, drug mafia strike, or civil unrest and you suddenly need an influx of personnel and equipment. Then look no further than Red Stripe™ to provide you with all that you need, plus logistical support.

Wherever the location is and whatever the conditions are, Red Stripe™ helps your mission taste success.